Review of "The Wisdom of the Rooms"


My first review and it is a great one. "The Wisdom of the Rooms" by Michael Z ia an analagy of quotes and reflections on surviving Alcoholism. Very wise words from somebody who has obviously been through all this nonsense and has come out the other side a better and wiser man. Reading through this prose you cannot help but think that there are answers all over the universe to help us find our way. It is primarily looked at from a religious and Alcoholics Anonymous angle.
"How do you know when you’ve hit bottom? When you stop digging."
So true.
"If I keep doing what I was doing, I’ll keep getting what I was getting."
Spot on Mike.
"After 5 years of sobriety you get your brains back, after 10 you learn how to use them and after 15 years you realize you never needed them anyway."
Overall I can highly recommend this read. It is the sort of book that you can pick up at any time and there will be something in it to keep you on the right track. Well done Mike. Living with Alcoholic and Depressed loved ones is no fun. Maybe this book can help.
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