DO's and DONT's of Surviving the Anxiety of Alcoholism and Depression.

The Anxiety of been Disorderly and Drunk has passed.Addiction of my favourite brew and pills took it's toll.

    As you proceed along your journey of recovering from and surviving
    and in many cases it's best mate,
    I thought I would throw in a few tips to help you along. The Anxiety of Alcoholism and drunk from morning to night is something you do not want to slip back to. It is not a definitive list but something to even up the odds.

  • Do presume that you can get out of this mess. Most of us eventually do.
  • Do realise that you are not the first person to have these horrors on your back and unfortunately you will not be the last.
  • Do know that there is a lot of help out there.
  • Do ask for that help when the gutter is approaching you like a "Perfect Storm". Anxiety of opening up to a caring medical professional should not deter you,
  • Do make an effort to find someone you can trust, be it a Doctor, Counsellor, Social Worker etc. And then listen to them. They will have your best interests at heart.
  • Do realise that you can feel a lot worse than you do at the moment. These mothers can reduce the toughest man or woman to a mumbling broken shell of their former self.
  • Do remember the little word with a huge meaning-HOPE. Many people have survived the Addiction of Alcoholism

  • Do not think that you can beat the odds. If you do and have a drink you will make it into the Guiness Book of Records as the only Alcoholic to be able to drink again.
  • Do not think that your loved ones will stick around for ever. They have a limit, just like you. There is many miserable and lonely recovering alcoholics out there.
  • Do not believe that you know better than the medical guys. Did you go to medical school?
  • Do not believe yourself when you say I will stop drinking tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes.
  • Do not lie to your Doctor, Psychologist or Counsellor. They can see through you.
  • Do not blame yourself. The Anxiety of Alcoholism and Addiction of your Mind and Body is behind you now. Alcoholism and Depression are illnesses just like any other.
  • Do not stop looking for help. I saw 2 Psychiatrists, 8 Psychologists and 3 Doctors until I saw the light of day again.

"I can resist everything except temptation."
Oscar Wilde

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  1. My father suffered from alcoholism. I'll never forget the day he advised my brother to stop drinking. I was astounded by the hypocrisy in his statement.You are correct when you say many loved ones do not stick around. My mother once said to me, after he died, "aren't you glad we stayed with him. He would have been a bum otherwise." I responded with "No, I'm not glad. Look what he put us through."

  2. I wish that my father could have seen a counselor or an addictions specialist. Thank you for all that you do. You are to be commended.

  3. Anonymous4:10 pm

    As advised alcohol is "baffling". The dichotomy of the physical and emotional suffering, alcoholics still struggle to quit. I am an alcoholic who quit for 4 years. It has come back to haunt me and I am hurting everyone around me, including my son. I am struggling but have got to find a way out or it will claim me altogether.

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