Alcoholic Blog/Depression Blog and Drug Rehab or Alcoholic Treatment Centers

I never went but maybe you should??? Alcoholic Treatment Centers and Drug Rehabs could save the day!!!

Should you go to a Drug Rehab or Alcoholic Treatment Center? On this Alcoholic/Depression/Addiction Blog I have really given my personal story which, for what it is worth did not involve either Rehab or a Treatment Center

I spend a week in hospital basically asleep for my Alcohol problem and then another week about one year later undergoing ECT for my Depression. After that I went straight home and with the help of family and friends got my life back together. But that option is not for everyone, in my humble opinion.

Different strokes for different folks and all that.

Depending where you are in the world and your own personal circumstances, both physically and financially, you should look at all options.

Heck man who would not want to chill out at one of these high end joints with sweeping sea views/yoga/eggplant/pearls of wisdom and a celebrity in the room next door!!! Most mere mortals probably have to settle for the occasional visit to the good old AA or similar support group. It does not matter how you go about it. Just make sure that you are actually going about it in some manner or way. 

Stay sober. Focused and free of Anxiety and Depression.

Just make sure you stay on the right track and get your life back in gear. Bottom line.

If you feel the need for the support of a stint in a Drug Rehab or Alcohol Treatment Center then so be it.

There is no right or wrong way. 

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