Alcoholism, Depression, Anxiety and Addiction-Conventional or Alternative Treatment?

Im My Sobriety and With Alcoholic tendencies I have to watch myself
Alcoholism/Addictions/Anxiety/Depression Treatment Stages

Treatment of the 'Big 4' is an important and crucial part of the recovery journey. Basically No Treatment, No Recovery. In My Sobriety and with alcoholic tendencies I know the right treatment is key. For instance ECT for Depression worked for me. Once the charade is over and you know it is time to get better, where to from here? I have in previous posts dealt with the various options open to you in the conventional medical field, but what about the Alternative field? Treatment for Alcoholism, treatment for Anxiety, treatment for Depression and treatment for Addiction. You will have no time to do anything else. But they have to be tackled if you want to return to a normal life.

My own recovery was relatively straightforward. Sleep Therapy stopped my Alcoholism slide and ECT stopped my Depression slide. Along the way I had doses of Psychotherapy, Counselling, Medication, 'Tough Love', Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and more pills. It all worked for me but we are all different. We all respond to differing treatments in various ways. Some just do not work. End of story. When you are fast approaching the "end of the road" getting the right help is key to your eventual recovery from the symptoms of the 'Big 4'.

I like to divide the phases of your illness into 3 distinct stages. Depending where you are will determine the treatment necessary to bring you back to reality:
Phase 1-As you develop the symptoms of Alcoholism, Depression, Anxiety and Addiction you are still in a stage where you can have some leeway with treatment choices. You are not ready to be hospitalised or shocked back to Planet Earth but you need help getting out of this mess.
Phase 2-Too late old friend. The diagnosis is not good. You are now a member of the club that you never wanted to join. Write Alcoholic, Addict and Depressive after your name. The treatment choice are now more limited and generally will involve conventional medical methods.
Phase 3- Recovery. You are out of the woods as such and back in the land of the living. This is the phase where the alternative medical choices have a larger role to play.

The conventional and traditional medical treatments are well known and for the sake of keeping this post not too lengthy I will dive into the alternative methods. With Alcoholic problems you have to dry out. ECT for Depression and Anxiety works for many. Interestingly enough my experiences of them are limited but I still feel they have a role to play. What worked for me worked for me and in my sobriety I am grateful. This is not an definitive list but the following could help in the phase before you are sick enough for medical intervention and also during the phase where you are struggling with recovery issues:
Hypnosis and Relaxing Techniques.
The Power of Positive Thinking (books, speeches,audio aids, videos etc.)
Herbal and Natural Remedies.
Educate yourself about your conditions with Self-Help aids
Old fashioned relaxation. Take a walk. Read a book. Watch a movie.
Support Groups such as Alcoholics Anonoymous, Alanon and Narcotics Anonymous.
Once again not all these treatments appeal to everyone. It really is a case of finding what works for you. Always keep in mind that the bottom-line object is to get you better and then keep you better. Simple and not rocket-science.

I have been asked to review a new book that might help. Richard Fields Ph.D has written "Awakening to Mindfulness: 10 Steps for Positive Change."It has a positive message regarding addiction and recovery. If you have a look in my Sidebar under Amazon you can order a copy. Let me know what you think.
Like most issues Alcoholism, Depression, Anxiety and Addiction require a common-sense approach to treatment and recovery. ECT for Depression. Drying out forAlcoholism. Maybe with alcoholic genes in my blood I am always watchful. There is no replacing the traditional methods of hospitalisation and medication with more serious cases. In my sobriety I say use what works. It is worth it. However we can cast the net wider occasionally and see what benefits other alternative treatments might bring to these potentially fatal illnesses.

D-E-N-I-A-L, stands for "I don’t even know I am lying."
Thanks to Richard Fields Ph.D
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