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Effective Addiction Treatment
The good news is that you have finally faced up to the fact that you have an addiction. Now, you face the daunting task of finding an effective way to beat the addiction. The choice of an effective addiction treatment plan, facility, and counselor is the first hurdle to overcome. You are not alone. There are countless numbers of people addicted to one thing or another and they have all undergone some level of treatment to control their addiction. Some succeed, others do not. The ones that do not compound there problem by adding guilt to the list of failures. The fact is … it probably wasn’t their fault. The numbers are disturbing. There are over 23 million people in the United States with either a drug or an alcohol addiction. One in ten gets any treatment at all. Do the math on that one … yes, only 2.3 million get treatment. The other 20,700,000 don’t get squat. Out of that 2,300,000, there are more failures to stay addiction free than successes.
So, what is the problem? A great majority of the clinics and treatment facilities simply do not use proven methods to get people off the addictive habits and give them the skills to stay clean. Thus, relapse is prevalent and people continue to hooked to their addiction of choice, be it drugs or alcohol. The message in the story here is to be careful about what facility and group you choose to get yourself off the addiction you have. The sad truth is that people spend more time and research shopping for which new car they are going to buy than picking the most effective place for treatment of addictions. Just as with any kind of process like addiction treatment, the people that do it learn more as they treat more people and evaluate the feedback and results of what happened and why. These studies produce newer and more effective treatment regimens, which are picked up and practiced by the more progressive clinics, but other clinics continue to use outdated and ineffective methods … i.e. they are in it for the money, not the results. 
The addiction treatment is full of counselors and treatment facilitators that are not medical professionals and do not stay abreast of the latest breakthroughs in either medical intervention therapies or groundbreaking psychological breakthroughs that unlock the mysteries of the mind in why people get addicted in the first place. As a result, only a small fraction of the small fraction of people that get therapy, receive interventions and treatments consistent with the validated scientific knowledge about what works and therefore what doesn’t.
The actual truth is that most people don’t need to go to clinics and treatment facilities. What they need is personal support, self-help groups and access to a certified and qualified counselor on an individual basis to work through the really hard problems. The process is long and arduous and takes more than the 30-day wonder process of most brick and mortar clinics. It takes years to control the addiction and a lifetime of effort to prevent relapse. 
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    Thank you for your blog. My brother is an addict all of his life. He has lost everything many times over. He was in treatment facility and almost made it one year walked out and got high. Now in a psychiatric hospital, they have recommended ECT. I have been reading about it for treatment of addiction and your blog is the first where I have found long term addict who found success.Thank you for sharing.


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