Substance Abuse and Your Occupation

Here is a great Guest Post/Infographic from my good friend Jason Gilbert over at Klean Treatment Centers. So watch out when you make that career choice or change! If not then get hold of a good Treatment Centre!

Intro for Infographic

What makes someone abuse alcohol and drugs? There are a many theories, and research points to environment and genetics as two of the major factors. Your substance abuse problem and chosen occupation may be related. What is it about certain jobs that make it more likely you will abuse alcohol and drugs? And which came first? Did you choose the career or did the career choose you? 

The job sectors with the highest rates of substance abuse are food service and construction, according to this Infographic from Klean Treatment Centers. What do you think about this survey? Do you think people are more apt to abuse alcohol and drugs in these positions, or do you think people take these careers because they are easier to do while managing an addiction?

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