My Alcoholic Blog warns about "The Heebie Jeepies!"

The Heebie Jeepies and Alcoholism/Addiction.

Surviving Alcoholism/Depression and "The Heebie Jeebies"!

I love the phrase "The Heebie Jeebies". Not even sure if I am spelling it correctly and where it comes from and more importantly will all my different readers know it's meaning. If you a recovering addict of any sorts you will get the drift! It even sounds an akward customer to deal with. It is that creepy feeling that you are missing something both mentally and physically. Kind of like a missing limb. You are surviving without it but boy, would it be cool to have it back with you. " The Heebie Jeebies" are an extremely dangerous time for the recovering Alcoholic/Addict. They spell a period of massive reflection and will power on your behalf coupled with, on occasion some stern action.

 There you are getting on with your life, even if it a life that as I once read, is a life of quiet desperation. Comforable in your recovery and proclaiming to all who will bother to listen anymore, "I have been sober/dry/clean for 1/2/5/10/100 years. Am I not a great guy? Life is good. All around me love me to bits and I have pulled my life back from the gutter I once found myself in. All well and good. Some of us spent thousands in Rehab and Treatment Facilities. Others climbed a mountain or locked themselves in a room and came out clean. Whatever the story was you conquered it and ought to be proud. 

 But here is the kick in the ass. Months/Years/Decades later events in your life lead you down a different path both socially and professionally. You feel safe. Confident. Master of your own Universe. Whow fellow. Wake up and smell the roses. Turn around and run like the wind from that feeling! You are never more than one lovely cold beer or a little yellow pill away from Episode 2 or your own Soap Opera. And this is where the infamous "Heebie Jeebies" come in. That sneaky little feeling of discontent is lurking. Maybe, just maybe I am the exception to all this. Make myself feel a little better and I am sure I can handle it again. Wrong again. Do not trust "The Heebie Jeebies" They are a subtle trick to get your attention and start the whole downslide all over. 

 So in a funny way we can all thank "The Heebie Jeepies". Thank you for the warning. Much appreciated and yes I want my life to remain as it is. Whoever termed that phrase deserved a medal. 

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  1. Haha, I like the term "The Heebie Jeepies". I had been on the same situation and I'm glad up to know I keep myself clean. Yes, we only need contentment to fight the heebie jeepies in life. Thanks for sharing yours.


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