Deep Brain Stimulation and Treatment Facilities

DBS and Treatment Options and Clinics
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Types of Treatment Facilities that offer Brain Stimulation (DBS): 

The Top 3 INTRO: 

What are the top 3 types of treatment facilities that offer brain stimulation? Basically, you can receive treatment for extreme depression and/or substance abuse issues through a treatment center specializing in brain stimulation, a university clinic, or a private medical clinic. 

More here from Lee W. of Addiction Blog on the Top 3 sources of medical help for brain stimulation (DBS). 

 Brain stimulation is becoming globally “fashionable” because of the safety and successful rate of the method. The different techniques of stimulating the brain using magnets or electricity are performed in specially designed and equipped environments, by professionally educated medical staff. In order to do so, a facility applies for a specific license: for itself and for its doctors so the state has the ability to monitor the process and protect the patient’s privacy, health, and interests. 

  Top 3 Places to seek Brain Stimulation (DBS) Treatment 

 Treatment facilities licensed to perform brains stimulation methods on diagnosed patients include: 

1. Universities and colleges. These educational facilities often establish other supportive structures to the process of providing education in neuroscience. Often in collaboration with local medical centers, university clinics hold the capacity to provide both patient health care, surgery and aftercare, but only in the period prior and after the brain stimulation procedure. Their general focus is on providing their students a chance for practice before they finish their education. 

2. Medical clinics. Medical clinics are healthcare facilities that hold on to the best neurosurgeons around. Clinics are the places where the ultimate surgery experience happens. They are equipped with the latest technology. They invite foreign specialists to exchange experiences in the form of conferences and usually have the most state funding, both from public support and sponsors. Clinics often keep the most difficult cases for themselves and implement all of their resources and knowledge into each patient. Yet again, like the universities, medical clinics will hospitalize the patient with 24 hours a day care by the time stability is achieved after surgery.

3. Treatment centers.  Treatment centers have the capacity to offer the full scope of medical assistance and psycho-social support for the patient undergoing brain stimulation treatment for depression and/or addiction. Usually structured for the treatment of specific diagnoses or groups of symptoms, a treatment center also employs the most experienced individuals in the field of patient care. Differentiating from universities and clinics, a treatment center will offer residence to the patient by the time there is need for him to access the various methods of support, such as therapy, group sessions, analysis and tests etc. And there is always the option to enroll in out-patient program. 

 So there you have it. A brief round of up of where you can go to seek help for brain stimulation. Please let us know if we can help refer you to directories. We'll be happy to help you. 

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 About the author: Lee Weber is a mother and writer in long term recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. She is interested in how the brain functions and how to view addiction from the lens of science. Her blog, Addiction Blog is one of the most objective sites exploring substance abuse and addiction today. 

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